Challenge 21 Gallery: Unplugged

Dear Single Frame Stories,

This is Whiskey’s brain on drugs.

Sorry for posting this so late, but I’ve spent the past 16 hours in a stupor of hallucination and a pool of my own drool. Kids, never mix vicodin and Advil PM. It’s not pretty.

Before I slip back into madness, I’m posting this week’s wonderful stories on “Unplugged.”

But first, the prompt for next week is “Found.” Make of it what you will.

Challenge 21 Gallery: Unplugged

by Michele Hyacinth
Single Frame Story
“Would you rather drown in data, or hang in the air without signal?” by Crap Mariner

“To fall in love is awfully simple, but to fall out of love is simply awful. (Bess Myerson)”
by Stone Semyorka


“@Aught” by Ms. Robbiani


by LeeHere Absent

Single Frame story Num 22 Unplugged

by Shockwave Plasma


by Mira Karu Inworldz

Single Frame Stories - Unplugged

“… turn me up, I can’t hear me …” by Mayala Loon


by Randall Ahern


by Aequitas Aequitas


by Charlotte Caxton


“My Muse doesn’t turn off with the electricity.” by Botgirl Questi

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