Challenge Gallery 53: Tradition

Some traditions survive for thousands of years. Others last only a handful of generations. Storytelling is a tradition as old as humanity, with surviving cave paintings dating back 40,000 years. Our digital generation is creating what may prove to be new traditions of visual storytelling. If we survive another 40,000 years, perhaps some post-human will marvel at the dawn of this new era of democratized digital storytelling … from Instagram to Flickr; from YouTube to our little Single Frame Stories project.

That said, we’re going to take a break and put the Single Frame Stories Challenge on hold for the time being. Thanks to everyone who participated over the last year!

Challenge Gallery 53: Tradition

Memories Made Here

“Memories Made Here” by Sinjin Cooperstone


“Toussaint” by Melancholia L.

Death of Tradition

“Death of Tradition: My Great Grandfather was a Christian Scientist. He died after refusing treatment for appendicitis.” by Botgirl Questi

Challenge Gallery 52: Getaway

We all need a getaway once in a while. It doesn’t have to be a physical vacation. A book, an art project or a bubble bath can transport us  to a new state of mind and provide respite and recuperation. Unfortunately, the escape and self-nurturing strategies that serve us well in the usual course of life many not work in times of significant suffering. Experiences such as the unexpected death of a loved one or a life-threatening or debilitating illness can plunge us into a dark place that consumes any light we throw its way. When we cannot break free we must endure.

Before we get to our challenge gallery, the prompt for the next 2 weeks is “tradition” Make of it what you will. For this challenge, we will not be taking email submissions, so please submit your work to the Single Frame Stories Flickr Group.

Challenge Gallery 52: Getaway


by Rwahs

Fleeing the SFS Paparazzi (prompt "getaway")

“Fleeing the SFS Paparazzi” by Michelle Hyacinth

Close Call

“Close Call” by Sinjin Cooperstone


by Melancholia L.

..... if I had wings

“….. if I had wings” by Awesome fallen


by Felicity Francois


“Mark didn’t make his getaway completely unscathed.” by Botgirl Questi

getaway 02

by Botgirl Questi

Challenge Gallery 51: Life and Death

It’s said that the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Intentions are all well and good, but your actions speak louder.

I fully intended to post this gallery last week. My intentions were good, even though you wouldn’t know it from my actions.

Please bear with us as both Botgirl and I find our footing after a couple of months of difficult times. It’s not our intentions to allow this project to fizzle out. It’s just hard to keep up right now. I’m working on making my intentions and actions look alittle more like each other.


Before we get to our challenge gallery, the prompt for the next 2 weeks, which is due by (and will be posted on 10/12), is “getaway.” Make of it what you will.


Challenge Gallery 51: Life and Death

Schrodinger's Cat

“Schrodinger’s Cat” by Savoree_LeDesir

To fly... if only for a moment

“To fly… if only for a moment” by Sinjin Cooperstone

SFS prompt "life and death"

by Michelle Hyacinth

Live and death - a picture series (for Single frame stories # 51)

“I took this series starting out for the Single frame stories # 51: Live and death.
I was diagnosed with breast cancer start of august so this is most on my mind thinking about this theme. As it concerns the body I wanted to let her be naked.
Water is live and the surface of the water is the threshold between this live and the other side, so I took all of the pictures half submerged.
The light on the water is the light of the soul – spirit.” by by Cherry Ravinelli/anandaheart resident

Life and Death SFS

“Life and Death SFS: Sometimes the meaning is hidden within the box.
(I’ll give you a hint. There is something beating inside.)” by Southie Allen

life and death

by Rwahs


“Necromancer” by Melancholia Lilliehook

No blood... No pain?

“No blood… No pain?: I know. Nobody saw it coming. They need to see the blood. If there’s no blood, there has to be no pain.” by Auryn Beom

Certainty is Death

“Certainty is Death. Life is only all the distressing questions that lead us to the end point.” by Auryn Beom

Life brings Death..... Death brings Life

Life brings Death..... Death brings Life (II)

“Life brings Death….. Death brings Life (I and II) by Awesome fallen

LIFE and DEATH....... inseparable couple.

“LIFE and DEATH……. inseparable couple.” by Awesome fallen

Life and Death.

by Botgirl Questi

Life and Death 02

by Botgirl Questi

Challenge Gallery 50: I Believe

We apologize for being a bit late this week. Whiskey and I have both been wrestling with the deep uncertainty of life. A road trip with a new car ends up in a car-totaling accident with injury. The end of six months of treatment for a health issue lingers with an unanticipated month of very slow recovery. Events like these remind us of the profound unpredictable nature of life and death, health and illness, prosperity and poverty, sorrow and joy.

Truth is, as Buddha’s Five Remembrances describe:

We are of the nature to grow old. There is no way to escape growing old.

We are of the nature to have ill health. There is no way to escape ill health.

We are of the nature to die. There is no way to escape death.

All that is dear to us and everyone we love are of the nature to change. There is no way to escape being separated from them.

Our actions are our only true belongings. We cannot escape the consequences of our actions. Our actions are the ground upon which we stand.

Before we get to our challenge gallery, the prompt for the next two weeks is, “Life and Death.” Make of it what you will.

Challenge Gallery 50: I Believe


by Auryn Beorn

Single Frame Story: I Believe

“I Believe” by Caitlin Tobias

I believe evil is present in our world...

“I believe evil is present in our world…” by Sinjin Cooperstone

and I believe hope is our greatest gift.

“and I believe hope is our greatest gift.” by Sinjin Cooperstone

For Naught

“For Naught” by Savoree LeDesir

Believe In Who You Are...

“Believe In Who You Are…” by Maci Restless

Love is not a four letter word

“Love is not a four letter word. Love is all of the letters of the alphabet, the words of every language, every story written across all time.” by Peep Sideshow Darkward


“I believe in Balance. Usually balance is not so hard. But sometimes it truly feels like dancing on a razor’s edge. And then maintaining balance becomes hard work. It means asking yourself difficult questions and often leads to making choices of what to keep and what to cut loose in order to restore or to maintain balance.” by Rwahs

Yes, I do !

“Yes, I do !” by Awesome fallen

The Abduction

“The Abduction” by Skye D.

Dreams...... Soul whispers, Heart desires ......

“Dreams…… Soul whispers, Heart desires ……” by Awesome fallen

I believe

by Michelle Hyacinth

I Believe

by Billy, aka Dondo Dollinger

I can't believe in all the supernatural stuff. Just everything else.

“I can’t believe in all the supernatural stuff. Just everything else.” by Tura Brezoianu

Do I believe in Fairy Tales?

“Do I believe in Fairy Tales?” by Awesome fallen

What I Believe

by Botgirl Questi

Executing an Idea

“Executing an Idea: We tend to accept every belief that pops into our head as the absolute truth. A visual pun on a healthy life practice.” by Botgirl Questi

Challenge Gallery 49: Running Scared

You have a story in you.

Everyone does, even those who never find a way to tell theirs. Some stories are simple and clear, others are long and complicated, but we all have them. And I believe that they’re all important and worth telling.

Two of my favorite storytelling projects are This I Believe and StoryCorps. Both of these offer a way for every single person to wishes to tell their story and have it archived and displayed. Many of the stories submitted are shared on various NPR programs, where I hear them almost every day. I often visit the websites and listen to the recorded stories, and I marvel at how different each is, but how universal the themes are. Hearing these stories, even those that I can’t relate to at all, makes me feel less alone. And they encourage me to keep telling my own story.

Single Frame Stories is another small way to tell your story. We may never be as big as StoryCorps, but I feel that our stories are just as important.

Before we get to our challenge gallery, the prompt for the next two weeks is, “I Believe.” Make of it what you will.

Challenge Gallery 49: Running Scared

Running Scared

by Kristine Kristan

it's not easy being green

“it’s not easy being green” by Michelle Hyacinth

Running scared

by Cad Lorakeet

Veparella - Nightmare

“Veparella – Nightmare” by Savoree LeDesir

The Pursuit

“The Pursuit” by Skye D.

Have a nice day

“Have a nice day” by Sinjin Cooperstone

.... Running scared ......

“…. Running scared ……” by Awesome fallen

Sometimes It's Easier To Run Away....

“Sometimes It’s Easier To Run Away….” by Maci Restless


by Justin “Chivalrybean” Lowmaster

running scared

by Serendipity Haven

Running Scared

“No matter how fast I run, I can never seem to get away from me – Jackson Browne” by “Botgirl Questi

running scared 02

by “Botgirl Questi

Challenge Gallery 48: Stream

Be sure to check out this post, which announced some changes to the SFS challenge. We’ll be posting challenge galleries every other week for now.

Our next challenge prompt will be a bit different. Instead of a single word, it’s a short phrase. As always, let the prompt inspire you, but it needn’t be a literal translation. The prompt can be used in your title, or not. It’s completely up to you.

Before we get to the challenge gallery, the prompt for the next gallery is, “running scared.” Make of it what you will.

Challenge Gallery 48: Stream

Single Frame Stories Challenge 48 - Streams

Streams of Consciousness: “I see that I’m a little piece in a big, big universe. And that makes things right.” (From Beasts of the Southern Wild) by Elle Couerblanc

Stream of Consciousness

“Stream of Consciousness” by Sinjin Cooperstone


“Stream” by Masha Runya

The Stream

“The Stream” by Dondo Dollinger, aka Billy


by Justin “Chivalrybean” Lowmaster


“If it weren’t for the rocks in its bed, the stream would have no song.” (Carl Perkins) by Serendipity Haven

Single Frame Story: Stream

“You Never Step in the Same Stream Twice.” by Deoridhe Grimsdottir Quandry

Beside the stream

“Beside the stream” by Sinjin Cooperstone

Stream of Life

“Stream of Life” by Awesome fallen

Music Is My Way Of Life...

“Music is My Way Of Life” by Maci Restless

Shrug This

“Shrug This” by Michelle Hyacinth
The Day That I Die

“The Day That I Die” by Dondo Dollinger, aka Billy
Don't Just Swim Against the Stream, Get Out and Walk Beside It

“Don’t Just Swim Against the Stream, Get Out and Walk Beside It” by Whiskey Monday


“immersion: ‘We shape our tools and thereafter our tools shape us.’ – Marshall McLuhan” by Botgirl Questi

Changes to Single Frame Stories

Things have been (more) hectic lately for both Botgirl and me, so I think I’m going to make things easier on us by making some changes to the Single Frame Stories Challenge. We are both fully invested in SFS still, it’s just been more difficult to get the blogs done in a timely manner (this is chiefly my own fault, as it’s my responsibility) and I dislike not giving each challenge the attention it deserves. So, a couple of changes:

  • As of this week, SFS will be posted every other week. Challenges will now last 2 weeks, and the blog will be posted every other Saturday, early in the morning. We’ll see how this works, and we may switch back to weekly as our schedules allow.

  • If you submit your photo via email, please size your photo so that it is 640 pixels on the longest side. This will help me, as I won’t need to resize your photo. If you’d like me to link a blog for you, please include it in each email, as I’m quite flaky and can’t keep up with everyone’s blogs every week.

Just for future reference, here are the other guidelines to follow when putting together a SFS submission:

To participate, add your image to our Flickr Group or email your image to We’ll aggregate all the submissions and present them here every other Saturday. (If you submit images to the Flickr group, please specify the date/prompt of your image.)

Please include the following with your submission:

-Your name

-Your blog or website if you’d like it linked

-Your flickr name if you  have one

A few things of note:

  • Images should be original work created by the person submitting the work. Respect the copyright of any source material that you use.

  • Text, either on the image or included as caption, is limited to 140 characters. Text is optional.

  • Images can be any medium you want to use, they needn’t be Second Life Images. Collage is perfectly acceptable, but again, respect copyright.

The prompts are just that, a prompt. A spark to light your imagination. Take it and create an image that tells a story.  Don’t just illustrate the word, build an entire story that we can see. Your title or caption can supplement your image, but the image should carry the caption, not the other way around.

I hope that his schedule will help, instead of hurt the challenge. Please feel free to submit as many stories as you like per prompt.

Thanks for your time each week, and for your incredible stories. The prompt continues to be “stream” until next Saturday. Make of it what you will.