Challenge Gallery 49: Running Scared

You have a story in you.

Everyone does, even those who never find a way to tell theirs. Some stories are simple and clear, others are long and complicated, but we all have them. And I believe that they’re all important and worth telling.

Two of my favorite storytelling projects are This I Believe and StoryCorps. Both of these offer a way for every single person to wishes to tell their story and have it archived and displayed. Many of the stories submitted are shared on various NPR programs, where I hear them almost every day. I often visit the websites and listen to the recorded stories, and I marvel at how different each is, but how universal the themes are. Hearing these stories, even those that I can’t relate to at all, makes me feel less alone. And they encourage me to keep telling my own story.

Single Frame Stories is another small way to tell your story. We may never be as big as StoryCorps, but I feel that our stories are just as important.

Before we get to our challenge gallery, the prompt for the next two weeks is, “I Believe.” Make of it what you will.

Challenge Gallery 49: Running Scared

Running Scared

by Kristine Kristan

it's not easy being green

“it’s not easy being green” by Michelle Hyacinth

Running scared

by Cad Lorakeet

Veparella - Nightmare

“Veparella – Nightmare” by Savoree LeDesir

The Pursuit

“The Pursuit” by Skye D.

Have a nice day

“Have a nice day” by Sinjin Cooperstone

.... Running scared ......

“…. Running scared ……” by Awesome fallen

Sometimes It's Easier To Run Away....

“Sometimes It’s Easier To Run Away….” by Maci Restless


by Justin “Chivalrybean” Lowmaster

running scared

by Serendipity Haven

Running Scared

“No matter how fast I run, I can never seem to get away from me – Jackson Browne” by “Botgirl Questi

running scared 02

by “Botgirl Questi

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