Challenge Gallery 53: Tradition

Some traditions survive for thousands of years. Others last only a handful of generations. Storytelling is a tradition as old as humanity, with surviving cave paintings dating back 40,000 years. Our digital generation is creating what may prove to be new traditions of visual storytelling. If we survive another 40,000 years, perhaps some post-human will marvel at the dawn of this new era of democratized digital storytelling … from Instagram to Flickr; from YouTube to our little Single Frame Stories project.

That said, we’re going to take a break and put the Single Frame Stories Challenge on hold for the time being. Thanks to everyone who participated over the last year!

Challenge Gallery 53: Tradition

Memories Made Here

“Memories Made Here” by Sinjin Cooperstone


“Toussaint” by Melancholia L.

Death of Tradition

“Death of Tradition: My Great Grandfather was a Christian Scientist. He died after refusing treatment for appendicitis.” by Botgirl Questi

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2 thoughts on “Challenge Gallery 53: Tradition

  1. /me echoes Sinjin’s sentiments…thank you very much Whiskey and Botgirl for the community and celebration of persons and art and real growth that you not only facilitate but create. You make it all look easy when it’s anything but easy. Thank you thank you thank you…we’re all with you in ongoing friendship and community, Count on that.

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