Challenge 20 Gallery: Time

My 11  year old niece is home for holiday break. While I enjoy having her home more, she has an annoying habit of announcing how bored she is, constantly. She expects someone else to find something to interest her. I don’t get bored, myself, so I have a hard time finding sympathy for her and I rarely offer her “something to do.”

She belongs to a generation who has never known a world without laptops, ipads, smart phones and television on demand. Her natural response to boredom is to look at something on a screen. And with constant access to screens, it only takes an instant of inactivity before she looks down and plugs in.

My daughters were famous for staring into space. When we traveled they would ride for hours gazing out the window, which was my favorite pastime as a child, too. But my niece rarely looks out a car window. Even a short trip in the car has her nose in a device.  She reads books on a screen, watches TV in her lap and constantly scrolls along.

But she will look up from her screen to announce that she’s bored. I’m convinced that her idea of boredom isn’t “I have nothing to do,” it’s more “I don’t know what to do next.” I think  inspiration often lies on the other side of that type of boredom, if she’ll only look up long enough to see it. The feeling of “what next” can lead to ideas, insight and imagination. There is a muse there, but for kids like my niece she’s hidden behind a screen and drowning in instant gratification.

The great artists of my niece’s generation will be influenced by this inability to push through boredom to find inspiration. It’ll be interesting to see their response.

Before we get to our challenge gallery, the prompt for next week is “Unplugged.” Make of it what you will.


Challenge 20 Gallery: Time

single frame stories, week 20:'s running out!

Time is running out! stop pollution and global warming now!
by Cherry 108
Ten Ten

Ten Ten
by Charlotte Caxton
"Please sir.  I'm not ready yet.  I need more time."  For week 20, Single Frame Stories:  Time
“Please sir. I’m not ready yet. I need more time.”
by Epione Serendipity
by Koey69
Wasting Time
Wasting Time
by Feline Slade
Single Frame story week 20-21 Time

by Shockwave Plasma
“Grieving for the folks at Sandy Hook”
by Stone Semyorka
[T]ime and space have nothing to do with it and don’t create anything except maybe a longer life to find new excuses for. -Bukowksi
by Randall Ahren
by Aequitas Aequitas
Let Go
Let Go
by Whiskey Monday

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