Challenge 8 Gallery: Objectification

Wow! Eight challenges already. Time flies. Seems like it was only yesterday that this idea was just a gleam in Whiskey’s eye.

On to the topic . . .

We objectify others when we see them as means to an end or as obstacles in our way. Ironically, in objectifying others we also dehumanize ourselves. The state of mind which perceives others as less than fully human cannot perceive our own humanity. There’s so much over-the-top objectification in our lives that it’s easy to miss the more subtle, pervasive and insidious dehumanization of what Martin Buber calls the “I-It” relationship:

“The “I-Thou” relation is the pure encounter of one whole unique entity with another in such a way that the other is known without being subsumed under a universal. Not yet subject to classification or limitation, the “Thou” is not reducible to spatial or temporal characteristics. In contrast to this the “I-It” relation is driven by categories of “same” and “different” and focuses on universal definition. An “I-It” relation experiences a detached thing, fixed in space and time, while an “I-Thou” relation participates in the dynamic, living process of an ‘other’.” Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Funny or painful; realistic or surreal; self-deprecating or socially critical, each image this week sheds light on how objectification impacts our perception of self and others.

The challenge prompt for next week is “In Retrospect . . . ” Make of it what you will.

Digital Billboard:  The Unbearable Lightness of Being

“Digital Billboard: The Unbearable Lightness of Being” By Michelle Hyacinth

Single frame stories week 8: Objectification

“Inspiration: Elsa Peretti in Halston ‘Bunny Girl’ costume, New York, November 1975, picture by Helmut Newton @ Artbox ;-)” by Cherry 108

Objectification ain't the half of it...

“Objectification ain’t the half of it..” By Dale Innis

Week 8 Single Frame Story

“Listening to my beautiful little friend Strawberry telling me about her problems, I imagined she would be wonderful as a candleholder.” By Shockwave Plasma

Waking up in the future was all very well, but I wasn't sure about the new body...

“Waking up in the future was all very well, but I wasn’t sure about the new body…” By Tura Brezoianu.

NSFW Single Frame Story:  Objectification

“I’m not certain if I’m going to post this on my weblog. What else is there to say about this???
(Oh…that’s a functioning chair believe it or not. Next to the full bodied lamp, that is.)” By Michelle Hyacinth


“Seeking Justice, I found myself blind and calcified.” By Deoridhe Grimsdottir Quandry

"A nip here.  A tuck there.  I think I'll just get the full body reconstruction.  Photo taken the day after surgery"  Week 8 Single Frame Stories:  Objectification

“A nip here. A tuck there. I think I’ll just get the full body reconstruction. Photo taken the day after surgery” By Epione Serendipity

"Boobs or a Brain.  That is the question."  Second entry for Week 8, Single Frame Stories:  Objectification

“Boobs or a Brain. That is the question.” By Epione Serendipity

Single Frame Stories - Objectification

“multifunctional … available in Silent Mode now” By Mayala Loon

250 ways to ways to prepare meat

By Botgirl Questi


By Botgirl Questi

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