Challenge 9 Gallery: In Retrospect . . .

Our 9th week of challenges! The images each week are an impressive mix of humor, self-reflection and commentary. I personally, and perhaps oddly, find it challenging to use the 140 characters to tell my Single Frame Story. I tend to rely on the image. Each week is a new opportunity to do better.

A quick note: You’d think after 9 challenges, Botgirl and I would have worked out the kinks by now. But collaboration is occasionally messy, and we’ve still got some issues with getting images posted. Consequently we’ve had a few entries not make it into the weekly gallery. Please know it’s no slight or deliberate exclusion on our part. We’re simply missing some entries as we get them posted. Hopefully we’ve worked through the issues and this shouldn’t be a problem anymore. My apologies to those whose hard work went unposted.

The best way for us to see your image and get it in time is to post your Story to the flickr group. You can also email your image to single frame stories at gmail. I post the Challenge Gallery early each Saturday morning, and I check for last minute entries just before publishing.

Before we get to our 9th Gallery, the challenge prompt for next week is “driven.” Make of it what you will. 

Challenge 9 Gallery: In Retrospect . . .

"In retrospect, the Death card doesn't seem all that bad now."  Challenge 9 of Single Frame Stories:  In retrospect...

“In retrospect, the Death card doesn’t seem all that bad now.” by Epione Serendipity

Single Frame Stories - In Retrospect

“In Retrospect it would have been better to Look Ahead” by Mayala Loon

Single Frame Story week9

“In retrospect, when Earths billionaires started building the Moonbase, we should have realized just how bad things were becoming.” by Shockwave Plasma

Little Glass Houses

“Little Glass Houses” by Michelle Hyacinth

In retrospect I shouldnt have asked the dragon for a light

“In retrospect I shouldnt have asked the dragon for a light” by Cherry 108

i should have chosen paper instead of plastic when i biked to the grocery store

“i should have chosen paper instead of plastic when i biked to the grocery store” by Crap Mariner

Lucky Fortunes

“Lucky Fortunes” by Carrie Lexington

In Retrospect

“In Retrospect” by Deoridhe

“In retrospect, this fallout shelter from before the Third World War doesn’t exist anymore.” by Stone Semyorka

Keep 'em Spinning (Single Frame Stories Challenge)

“Keep ’em Spinning: In retrospect, I should have never admitted to being able.” by Whiskey Monday

In retrospect . . .

“In retrospect, I should have kept by hand out of the cage” by Botgirl Questi

No Regrets

“No Regrets” by Botgirl Questi

Tense Confusion

“Tense Confusion” by Botgirl Questi

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