Challenge 7 Gallery: Depth Perception

Welcome to another diverse collection of single frame stories. This week’s prompt, depth perception, inspired an eclectic range of literal, metaphoric, narrative and impressionistic interpretations.

Although there is certainly an artistic aspect to the craft of single frame stories, it’s mostly about visual communication. It’s relatively easy to create an image that looks cool using a platform like Second Life or photo tools like FilterForge. The greater challenge is to visualize an idea in a way that evokes emotion, conveys meaning, inspires an aha moment, or makes us laugh out loud. Whiskey and I invite you to flex your visual thinking muscles and join the fun.

The challenge prompt for next week is “Objectification.” Make of it what you will.

Here are this week’s entries:

"Looking in the Mirror."  Week 7 Single Frame Stories:  Depth Perception

“Looking in the Mirror” by Epione Serendipity

“Waterworld” by koey69

Single Frame Stories: Challenge 7 - Depth Perception

“Suddenly [Haggard] shouted, “What is the matter with your eyes? They are full of green leaves, crowded with trees and streams and small animals. Where am I? Why can I not see myself in your eyes?” – The Last Unicorn, by Peter S. Beagle” by Deoridhe Grimsdottir Quandry

Single Frame Stories - Depth Perception

“depth perception can be very physical … and quite flat, when you swap ‘p’ for ‘a'” by Mayala Loon

Depth Perception I

“Depth Perception I” by LeeHere Absent

Depth Perception VII

“Depth Perception VII” by LeeHere Absent

Depth Perception V

“Depth Perception V” by LeeHere Absent

Only when she crashed did she realize the deep end was all around her

“Only when she crashed did she realize the deep end was all around her” by Michelle Hyacinth

Single Frame Story week 7  Depth Perception

by Shockwave Plasma

Mini Second Life

“Mini Second Life” by Sir Winston

Depths of unshared love

“Depths of unshared love” by FallenAngel Blackburn

single frame story - depth perception

“You’re supposed to take the coins out of your pocket before tossing them into a wishing well.” by Crap Mariner

Challenge Depth perception :stereoscopic card

“Stereoscopic cards were an early way to get 3-D effects in images. They were held in viewers with each image just a fraction different to give the illusion of depth perception.” by Lyssa Helendale

Depth Perception

by Tura Brezoianu

Flying Deep

“Flying Deep” by Panacea Luminos

Too Shallow?

“Too Shallow? She thought she’d taken her nap deep enough to avoid those darn scuba-diving paparazzi…” by Tarra McD

week 7: depth perception

“Depth Perception” by Cherry 108

week 7: depth perception II

“Depth Perception II” by Cherry 108

Depth Perception

“How deep in-world are you?” by Laetizia “Tish” Coronet

Depth Perception

by Whiskey Monday

Deeper Well

by Botgirl Questi

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