Challenge Gallery 38: Self

Ever have that nagging feeling that you’ve forgotten something, but you just can’t put your finger on it? That’s been me today. I kept thinking I’d forgotten a med time, or an appointment or maybe a… CHALLENGE GALLERY! That’s what it was! I forgot to post this. Derp.

So I’ll keep this brief. You’re really here for the stories, anyway.

Before we get to this week’s challenge gallery, the prompt for next week is, “Invisible.” Make of it what you will. 


Challenge Gallery 38: Self

Oh, you said "Self"

“Oh, you said ‘Self’.” by Crap Mariner

SELF(centered) or SELF(reflected)?

“SELF(centered) or SELF(reflected)?” by Meandroid


“Structure” by Skye Donardson

A Sad Day for Marilyn

“A Sad Day for Marilyn” by Jewel Appletor

Embracing her shadow

“Embracing her shadow” by Peep Sideshow

Know thyself

“Know thyself” by Sinjin Cooperstone

Single Frame Stories ' SELF'

“Hm…this must be me ?…
trapped in a dead pixel
zap please”
by Pixi Late

Single Frame Stories: Self

“Self” by Bear Silvershade

Break the Chain Now

“Break the Chain Now” by Derry Mcmahon


“Who Am I?” by Deoridhe Quandry


“One among countless others, infinitesimal, but larger on the inside.” by Cinnamon Ghoststar


“Bigger Than the Self” by Whiskey Monday


“Self?” by Botgirl Questi

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