Challenge Gallery 28: Edge

For almost 8 months now, we’ve posted this challenge every week. Our intention was to inspire creative expression and provide a place to showcase it. I worried in the beginning that it would just be Botgirl and I posting week after week, but I’ve been happily surprised by the innovative and enthusiastic entries submitted for every challenge.

Our How to Participate page is here. But let me go over a few things of note:

  • Images should be original work created by the person submitting the work. Respect the copyright of any source material that you use. 

  • Text, either on the image or included as caption, is limited to 140 characters. Text is optional.

  • Images can be any medium you want to use, they needn’t be Second Life Images. Collage is perfectly acceptable, but again, respect copyright.

  • The easiest way for us to get your image is in our Flickr group. However, you can also email to

  • The prompt is intended to inspire, but doesn’t have to be included in the photo or caption.

The prompts are just that, a prompt. A spark to light your imagination. Take it and create an image that tells a story.  Don’t just illustrate the word, build an entire story that we can see. Your title or caption can supplement your image, but the image should carry the caption, not the other way around.

Every week I’m amazed and inspired by the work we post here, and I’m honored to be a part of the challenge.

Before we get to our challenge gallery, the prompt for next week is “Almost.” Make of it what you will. 

Challenge Gallery 28: Edge

postcard from the edge

“postcard from the edge”
by Michelle Hyacinth

The edge of reality and a dream ..... could be just the difference between my world and yours (singel frame stories)

“The edge of reality and a dream ….. could be just the difference between my world and yours”
by koey69

Single Frame Stories 'Edge'

by Pixi Late

Single Frame Stories - Edge

“I should rather be dancing on it …”
by Mayala Loon

The Edge of Madness

“The Edge of Madness”
by Felicity Francois

The Edge

“The Edge: Dancing on the HEAD of a PIN is EASY.”
by Kristine Kristan

To The Edge

“To The Edge”
by Sachiko Edelman
Single Frame Stories: Edge
“Never a good idea.”
by Deoridhe Quandry

by BridgetZ

by BridgetZ

by Shockwave Plasma

by Seicher Rae

‘Despite what they say, the edge is really pretty safe… it’s the direction you fall that matters’
by Serendipity Haven

“On the edge of despair.”
by Stone Semyorka

The Edge

“Always catches me by surprise.”
by Whiskey Monday

Trial Balloon

“The metaphor bursts. Taut silicone skin straining under the negative pressure of an utter vacuum of meaning”
by Botgirl Questi

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6 thoughts on “Challenge Gallery 28: Edge

  1. Mine is neither positive nor negative. The edge is there. How you interpret it is your own deal. I see several shots that are also like this (neither/nor, both…). What I know is that participation was fun. 🙂 Thanks for hosting this Whiskey and Bot.

    • I’ve been having a lot of fun with it too. It’s a blast trying to connect with the random word Whiskey throws out every week. My favorite single frame stories invite the viewer to fill in the blanks . . . strong images that evoke an emotional response. And the funny ones. 🙂

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