Challenge Gallery 27: Climb

It’s rare that I have nothing to say. My fingers are almost always itching to write, my brain almost constantly composing something in words. But this morning I’m tired, and the only thing my brain is composing are morose odes to sleep. So instead of posting those here, I’ll post something I read recently and found interesting.

The entire article can be found here at HyperAllergic (one of my favorite art sites). Here’s an excerpt:

The truth of the matter is that art is not so much the way things look, but a way of looking at things. It is a way of looking at the world, of interacting with the world, in the same way your education is a way to interact with the world around you and perhaps, at its very best, it helps you to understand how you fit into that world and to deepen your relationship to it.

How do we build relationships? We communicate.

When you create -whether it be writing, painting, singing or a Single Frame Story- you’re communicating. And you’re building a relationship with your viewer. While your creation is helping you to understand and deepen your relationship with the world, so too is it helping those who view it (or read it, or hear it) to find their place. And in your own way, both of you are communicating.

The trick (and the hard part) is to accept that what you’re communicating isn’t always what your viewer is “getting.”


Before we get to our challenge gallery, the prompt for next week is, “Edge.” Make of it what you will.


Challenge Gallery 27: Climb


“The twenty second thrill ride going down is totally worth the ten minute climb back up.”

by She Bear (Carrie Lexington)

Single Frame Stories - Climb

“Climb?!? … she had hoped for an easier way out …”

by Mayala Loon

Sister, won't you rise

“Sister, won’t you rise”

by Michelle Hyacinth


“All ambitions are lawful except those which climb upward on the miseries or credulities of mankind.”

by Melancholia Lilliehook

Single Frame Stories 'Climb'

by Mira Karu

Single Frame Story- Climb

“Stopped to ponder the rate of climb of my broom, that F18 was coming around for a close look.”

by Shockwave Plasma

My First Day, Ready To Climb
“My First Day, Ready To Climb”

by Sachiko Edelman

by Bridget

by Billy Dollinger


“Climbing Down”

by Stone Semyorka 


“The ladder of success isn’t so great when you’re climbing the wrong way!”

by Serendipity Haven


“Up or In. Either or.”

by Whiskey Monday

Now What?

“Now What?”

by Botgirl Questi

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