Challenge 18 Gallery: Secret

I am uninspired to write this morning. I had a topic to explore here, a rough outline of what I wanted to say. But it seems silly now that I’m sitting here to write it.

This is our 18th week of Single Frame Stories. 18 weeks is more than 4 months. That seems like such a small amount of time, but when I look back over the entries we’ve all posted here, I see a great deal of work. We have folks who post an entry every week, and some who’ve only posted once- and everything in between. I’ve discovered new blogs to read, new artists to watch, and new people to get to know. This project has so far been a great source of inspiration and collaboration. I’m thankful for each of you who has submitted an entry over the past 18 weeks.

I promise to have more to say next week.

Before we get to our challenge gallery, the prompt for next week is “Black and White.” Make of it what you will.


Challenge 18 Gallery: Secret

Secrets by Ms. Robbiani

Single Frame Stories week18 secrets
by Shockwave Plasma

Underground, in the center of the place I first called home, next to some banlines and within shouting distance of the home of a pervert I hate, I secretly buried my heart long ago.
by Kristine Kristan

Secrets? No, I don't have any secrets.
Secrets? No, I don’t have any secrets.
By Tura Brezoianu

SingleFrameStories - Secret
No skeleton in the cupboard.
by Mayala Loon


“Inside the Lady of Patience”
Name: Stone Semyorka
My secret: Sometimes I’m more pitiful than road kill and sadder than a dozen dead roses; Christmas is not the best time of year for me.
by Randall Ahren

by Kandinsky Beaumont

by Aequitas Aequitas

She couldn’t reconnect to the child within even if it was right under nose. Then again…maybe it wasn’t.
She couldn’t reconnect to the child within even if it was right under nose. Then again…maybe it wasn’t.
by Michelle Hyacinth

My Tweets as Pictures: Twenty-five
Turns out people who “hate drama” mean “I hate any true human interaction that involves emotions or opinions, unless they’re my own.”

by Whiskey Monday

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