Challenge 4 Gallery: Positive

The Single Frame Stories challenge came about when Botgirl and I were tossing around ideas about creativity and expression. A challenge seemed a great way to explore new ideas and themes, and maybe entice others to do the same.  I never dreamed we would have more than twenty entries each week.

The stories that these submissions tell are each one unique, just as each artist who created them is one-of-a-kind.  The variations on a theme are inspiring to see.

Thank you for supporting this challenge.


Before we get to the submissions, the challenge prompt for next week is “little did he know” or “little did she know.” Make of it what you will.


Challenge Gallery: Positive


Positive single frame story:  Fake it til you make it
“Fake it til you make it” by Michelle Hyacinth

Sometimes, A Positive is a Negative
“Sometimes, A Positive is a Negative” by Elora Lunasea

Life is a Roller Coaster
by Panacea Luminos

You were expecting a hamster?
“You were expecting a hamster?” by Feline Slade

Single Frame Stories - Positive
“Be Positive” by Mayala Loon

Just because people are managing to live with HIV longer and longer doesn’t mean you don’t have to think about being safe and getting tested. A project of Bronx AIDS Sercvices, the HIV/AIDS Prevention and Education Center in the Chilbo Community is a long standing resource for Second Life residents to get information in a simple and anonymous way.
Located at
by Kristine Kristan

Single Frame Story Week 4 Positive
Naturally Shockwave thought the batteries had gone flat in her bedrooms toys, and swapping them would be easy….ouwowowOWOWOW!!!!
by Shockwave Plasma

“9voltlick” by Kristine Kristan

Single Frame Stories - Positive #2
“Negative can be pretty Positive” by Mayala Loon

And why not!
“And why not!” by Tura Brezoianu

"At least I have fabulous shoes." Another version of Single Frame Stories:  Positive
“At least I have fabulous shoes.” by Epione Serendipity

by Chestnut Rau

Positive energy in the atmosphere.
“Positive energy in the atmosphere.” by Carrie Lexington

"Tiny bird, this last breath of mine will carry you further than I've ever been."
“Tiny bird, this last breath of mine will carry you further than I’ve ever been.” by Noelani Lightfoot

by Shinigami Kayo

Things Will Get Better
“Things Will Get Better” by Whiskey Monday

Single Frame Stories: Positive
“She can fly.” by Whiskey Monday

by Botgirl Questi

Positive Spin
by Botgirl Questi

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