Challenge 3 Gallery: Grave Mistake

This week’s challenge seemed to be a bit more difficult. I know that it was for me. I went through several different ideas before settling on my own. It was Chestnut Rau’s submission that gave me the idea for the prompt, so you can all blame her.

Inspiration comes from strange places sometimes. I think when you have a story prompt and an open mind, an idea can come to you when you least expect it. Most of my story-based photos are based on an emotion, and I try to envision a photo that will either evoke that emotion or illustrate it. I posted a blog post this week showing a bit of behind the scenes of a photo shoot.

I’ll be adding some tutorials and inspiration ideas to this blog over the coming week. Many of our contributors have written blog posts about their own process and inspiration for their Single Frame Stories. Be sure to click their names if they’re linked, to check out their blogs.

Before we get to the submissions, the challenge prompt for next week is “Positive.” Make of it what you will.

Week 2’s challenge was “Illumination” and Neko Zombie sent in a couple of late submissions. I’m going to go ahead and add them here, as it’s obvious she spent a lot of time on these and it seems wrong to let them go unseen.

L'homme illuminé I

L’homme illuminé I by Neko Zombie

L'homme illuminé II

L’homme illuminé II by Neko Zombie

Challenge 2 Gallery: Grave Mistake


“It’s a rental.”  by Crap Mariner
Single Frame Story week 3 Grave Mistake

“Chapter 1 Exercise, in “Tombraiding for Beginners”. Shockwave always hated being last in the class to do the practical exercises.” by Shockwave Plasma
~SecondLife goes to Steamland~

“SecondLife Goes to Steamland” by Panacea Luminos
Grave mistake - Single Frame Story

by Michelle Hyacinth
Single Frame Stories - Grave Mistake

by Linsey Carter
Timing is Everything (grave mistake single frame story)

“Timing is Everything” by Michelle Hyacinth
"GRAVE MISTAKE" Single Frame Stories

by koey69

by Mayala Loon
Grave Mistake

by Tura Brezoianu
"I should have picked Door #1" Week 3-Single Frame Stories:  Grave Mistake

“I Should Have Picked Door #1” by Epione Serendipity

by Nara Malone

by Seren Haven
Chemical Balance

“Chemical Balance” by Whiskey Monday
And Vargas Rolls Over In His Grave

“And Vargas Rolls Over in His Grave” by Botgirl Questi
Grave Mistake

by Botgirl Questi

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2 thoughts on “Challenge 3 Gallery: Grave Mistake

  1. I had a hard time with this one, not wanting to be too literal and being in the mindset this week of really fighting off negative thoughts anyway. I ended up adding one to the pool today Late!), but no need to blog it.
    I do LOVE Neko Zombie’s Illumination submission, especially the first one, so thanks for adding those to this post. Not to be missed.

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