Changes to Single Frame Stories

Things have been (more) hectic lately for both Botgirl and me, so I think I’m going to make things easier on us by making some changes to the Single Frame Stories Challenge. We are both fully invested in SFS still, it’s just been more difficult to get the blogs done in a timely manner (this is chiefly my own fault, as it’s my responsibility) and I dislike not giving each challenge the attention it deserves. So, a couple of changes:

  • As of this week, SFS will be posted every other week. Challenges will now last 2 weeks, and the blog will be posted every other Saturday, early in the morning. We’ll see how this works, and we may switch back to weekly as our schedules allow.

  • If you submit your photo via email, please size your photo so that it is 640 pixels on the longest side. This will help me, as I won’t need to resize your photo. If you’d like me to link a blog for you, please include it in each email, as I’m quite flaky and can’t keep up with everyone’s blogs every week.

Just for future reference, here are the other guidelines to follow when putting together a SFS submission:

To participate, add your image to our Flickr Group or email your image to We’ll aggregate all the submissions and present them here every other Saturday. (If you submit images to the Flickr group, please specify the date/prompt of your image.)

Please include the following with your submission:

-Your name

-Your blog or website if you’d like it linked

-Your flickr name if you  have one

A few things of note:

  • Images should be original work created by the person submitting the work. Respect the copyright of any source material that you use.

  • Text, either on the image or included as caption, is limited to 140 characters. Text is optional.

  • Images can be any medium you want to use, they needn’t be Second Life Images. Collage is perfectly acceptable, but again, respect copyright.

The prompts are just that, a prompt. A spark to light your imagination. Take it and create an image that tells a story.  Don’t just illustrate the word, build an entire story that we can see. Your title or caption can supplement your image, but the image should carry the caption, not the other way around.

I hope that his schedule will help, instead of hurt the challenge. Please feel free to submit as many stories as you like per prompt.

Thanks for your time each week, and for your incredible stories. The prompt continues to be “stream” until next Saturday. Make of it what you will.

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