Challenge Gallery 46: Pot

Both Botgirl and I have participated in Crap Mariner’s 100 Word Stories Challenge over the years, and it was that challenge that prompted our idea for Single Frame Stories.

This week both 100 Word Stories and our Single Frame Stories will feature the same challenge prompt, giving both challenges an opportunity to enhance their entries by participating in the other. For this week only, we’ll be lifting the 140 character text limit if you submit a 100 word story with your entry.

You can learn more about how to submit a 100 Word Story here. Crap records a podcast each Sunday featuring the week’s stories. Most folks record their own stories for Crap to add, but if you’re unable to record yours, he can do it for you.

If you write a story that goes with your Single Frame Stories entry, please add it to your Flickr photo or email it to singleframestories at gmail, along with your challenge entry for our gallery. We’ll feature them together here.

And so for both Single Frame Stories and next week’s 100 Word Stories, the prompt is, “Original.” Make of it what you will.

Challenge Gallery 46: Pot


“I am off to Vancouver next week…I will smoke one in honor of you all!” by Elle Couerblanc


by Sinjin Cooperstone

Crack Pot - Single Frame Stories

“Crack Pot” by Adaline May

I wonder if there is catnip in this pot

“I wonder if there is catnip in this pot” by Derry McMahon

130711 other side 02b

“130711 other side 02b” by Bear Silvershade

Single Frame Stories: Pot

“The Wrong Kind of Pot… by Deoridhe Grimsdottir Quandry


“Music is My Dope” by Meandra

The Pot

“The Pot” by Dondo Dollinger aka Billy

The Escape

“The Escape” by Peep Sideshow

A Little Teapot (Single Frame Stories)

“A Little Teapot” by Whiskey Monday

I'm Fucking Done Now

“I’m Fucking Done Now” by Botgirl Questi

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