Challenge Gallery 44: Wall

Botgirl posted a compelling blog post about her process for this week’s prompt. Do check it out here. I think the difficulty of pushing past the initial, cliched reaction we may have to a prompt is worth the work involved. Here’s a little of what she had to say:

. . . what keeps me coming back each week to the Single Frame Stories Challenge is the process of working through an initial knee-jerk metaphor to aspects of the underlying concept that were not immediately evident. For instance, the second image extended the idea of walls we hide behind, to spaces of safety that we peer beyond, where others can see us from a safe distance. And as climbable barriers we can step outside of. Not earth shatteringly profound, but an interesting expansion of my original view.

Some people take issue with being directed by an external prompt rather than one’s own inner calling. But the beauty of surrendering to an external prompt is the consistent opportunity to break out of our habitual framework and work on ideas we would not otherwise engage with. Works for me. I invite you to give the weekly challenge a try.

So, let’s see the artists who pushed through that initial cliche this week, and the stories they want to tell.

But before we do, the challenge prompt for next week is, “delayed.” Make of it what you will.

p.s. Today is the last day to view the Single Frame Stories exhibit at SL10B. More info here.

Challenge Gallery 44: Wall

Whatever It Takes

“Whatever It Takes.After a year of paperwork, I’m finally going to be with the love of my life, whom I met in Second Life. It’s been a long, stressful, emotional road, but worth every step. :)” by Jewel~Appletor


by Masha Runya

Wall at Night

“Wall at Night” by Sinjin Cooperstone

Single Frame Stories Challenge 44 - Wall

“I dance around the walls I have built for myself. The wall is there – I feel it. It may just be one sided, but the wall still keeps me out of reach.” by ElleCouerblanc

Single Frame Stories ' Wall'

“psychological wall” by Pixi Late

What's on the other side?

“What’s on the other side?” by Cinnamon Ghostar


“The Walls Have Ears” by Serendipity Haven


“I want to break free” by Meandra

The Fourth Wall

“The Fourth Wall” by Michelle Hyacinth

"Where did my 99 bottles of beer go?"

“Where did my 99 bottles of beer go?” by Crap Mariner

Closing in

“Closing In” by Bear Silvershade

Walls for SingleFrameStories

“A wall doesn’t need to be solid to be formidable.” by Derry McMahon

The wall divides. Yet it shaped and brought us together

“The wall divides. Yet it shaped and brought us together” by Ferd Frederix

Wall of Fear

“Wall of Fear” by Aequitas

Darn - Single Frame Stories prompt: "Wall"

“Darn” by Skell Dagger

Sticks and Stones - Breaking the Fourth Wall

“Sticks and Stones – Breaking the Fourth Wall” by Michelle Hyacinth

Building A Wall

“Building A Wall” by Dondo Dollinger, aka Billy

Wall 2

“Although we hide behind walls for a sense of safety, we are also continuously peering out beyond them. And sometimes we step outside.” by Botgirl Questi

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