Challenge Gallery 43: Creativity (SL10B Challenge)

For the past three weeks our challenges have been stories that illustrate just a few of the things that keep us in Second Life, to celebrate SL’s 10th Birthday. The topics were Identity, Community and Creativity. And for the first time ever, our work will be shown inworld, at the SL10B Community Celebration.


As of this morning, our SL10B exhibit is finished. I’ve wandered around the 20 celebration sims, and I’m humbled by the talent of our fellow exhibitors. Some of the builds are simply breathtaking, and all of them are heartfelt.


Our build is not the most elaborate, but it is deliberately simple- partly because I have little skill as a builder, and mostly because I wanted your stories to be the focus. I’m ridiculously proud of our display. We have all submitted pieces that showcase the broad range of talent and ideas that make virtual worlds such an incredible space. I’m thrilled to be a part of the process.


Our build has a cherry location. {Slurl to our exhibit} The name of our sim is Wonderous, and we’re located across the path from the Welcome Area, and a prim’s toss from Marianne McCann’s History Walk. From our build, if I turn my draw distance up a bit, I can see the incredible Main Stage and behind us looms the giant birthday cake tree. We’re surrounded by awe inspiring talent, and we fit right in. I hope you’ll agree when you visit.

build with arrow.jpg

SL10B opens to the public tomorrow, June 16 and continues for just a week. It will take you that long to see it all, if you can. But please start here, at our exhibit. I’ve marked the spot so that you’re sure to find it. I hope you’re as proud as I am. Thank you for taking part in this challenge.

sfs silly

Before we get to our challenge gallery, our prompt for next week is “wall.” Make of it what you will.


Challenge Gallery 43: Creativity (SL10B Challenge)

There are a few of the other SL10B prompts represented in this gallery, as well. 

Single Frame Stories - Creativity 060813

“Creativity happens the moment your work becomes a part of you.” by Elle Couerblanc

Recreate yourself

“Recreate Yourself’ by Sinjin Cooperstone

Single Frame Stories SL10B Creativity

“How to be creative” by Pixi Late


“Crux1” by Brian Lambourne

"I did not bear my pain alone" for Single Frame Story

“I did not bear my pain alone” by Crap Mariner


“Community” by Serendipity Haven


“The Crusaders search for the Holy Grail, is it in fact a woman?” by Brian Lambourne

Lessons from a dead poet

“Lessons from a dead poet” by Peep.Sideshow

Waiting on Creativity

“Waiting on Creativity” A joint collaboration, designed by Derry McMahon and shot by Bear Silvershade.

Creativity - I can see for miles

“Creativity – I can see for miles” by Ely Hynes

Creativity SFS By Southieface

“Creativity” by Southie Allen

Single Frame Story - Creativity

“Sometimes, when things end and begin, there are butterflies.” by Deoridhe Grimsdottir Quandry

By the sea

“By the sea” by GoSpeed Racer


“Creativity” by Masha Runya

Creative Space

“Creative Space” by Cinnamon Ghoststar

Town Square Communities Utherverse

“Town Square Communities Utherverse” by LeeHere Absent


“Creativity is make something dead come alive” by Meandra


“The Simple to the Sublime” by Venus Petrov


“Identity” by Serendipidy Haven


“Creativity” by Serendipidy Haven


“Identity.” by Cad Lorakeet

Identity - Just me

“Identity – Just me” by Ely Hynes

Heaven and Hell - Single Frame Story - Prompt - Identity

“Identity” by Vylna Daviau

A Gaggle of Bloggers

“A Gaggle of Bloggers” by Peep Sideshow

Hive Mind

“Hive Mind” by Michelle Hyacinth


by LeeHere Absent

My Mess

“My Mess” by LeeHere Absent

"Creativity" SFS prompt

by Michelle Hyacinth

Community: There is no place like home.

“Community: There is no place like home.” by Cinnamon Ghoststar

Light in the window

“Light in the window” by Bear Silvershade

Plugged In- Creativity

“Plugged In” by Whiskey Monday


“Mystery” by Botgirl Questi


“Identity” by Botgirl Questi

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2 thoughts on “Challenge Gallery 43: Creativity (SL10B Challenge)

  1. What an amazing display, not only of the SFS build and the entire SL10B celebration, but the images contributed. I just kept scrolling slowly, touched and inspired by the entries. And so proud to be a part of it 🙂

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