Challenge Gallery 42: Community (SL10B Challenge)

Months ago I planned to do a Douglass Adams inspired prompt for our 42nd challenge. I was disappointed that the SL10B challenge got in the way, until I saw the entries for Community this week. You guys do good work! I can’t wait to show y’all off at SL10B.

I didn’t get a chance to shoot my own entry this week. But we’ve still got another week to finish up with this challenge. A note about this week’s deadline- The SL10B celebration opens to the public on Saturday the 16th. I need your entries in on Friday. Preferably early Friday, but anytime Friday is okay. But I will say, the earlier the better this week, as it will be easier for me to finalize our display when I know how many entries we’re going to have. I’ve left some flexibility in the build, but you can save me some stress by submitting early this week.

The build will be open to press on Thursday and Friday, so hopefully I can have it mostly finished by that point. Our build isn’t the most impressive structure, but it’s certainly one of the most diverse displays I’ve seen. I’m proud of us.

So let’s get to our final SL10B challenge prompt. In addition to Identity and Community, the challenge prompt this week is “Creativity.” Make of it what you will. 

Challenge Gallery 42: Community (SL10B Challenge)

“Community” by Meandra Ardnaem

Single Frame Stories - Community 060113

“Everyone wants to belong to something – Everyone needs a Community. We can’t do it alone.” by Elle Couerblanc


“Community” by Venus Petrov

The Newcomer

“The Newcomer: The community was a bit unsure about their newest member.” by Sinjin Cooperstone


by Masha Runya

Singe Frame Story: Community

“They came when I called, no questions asked.” by Deoridhe Grimsdottir Quandry

Single Frame Stories SL10B Community

by Pixi Late

“Identity” by Venus Petrov

Painting a Community (canvas) by Ferd Frederix

Painting a Community (canvas) by Ferd Frederix

What Path Will You Take?

“What Path Will You Take?” by wavinggirlsav


by Botgirl Questi

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