Challenge Gallery 40: Engage (And a Special Challenge)

Our 40th Challenge Gallery! It’s been almost a year since Botgirl and I started Single Frame Stories, and we’ve published more than 600 stories in that time. Over the next few weeks we’ll have a bit of a different type of challenge prompt, as we have the opportunity to celebrate Second Life’s 10th Birthday. Single Frame Stories will have an exhibit on the SL10B birthday sim, and that means we need your stories to add to the display.

The birthday celebration officially opens on June 16th. That gives us exactly three weeks to work on stories to feature in our build. I’ll create the display build, and you all tell the stories. Deal?

For these next 3 challenges only, I’ll be asking for a new format for your stories. Please submit your stories in Landscape orientation only, so that our display can be cohesive. The prompts will be a series of words that describe just some of the reasons we are in Second Life. The overall theme of the celebration is Looking Forward, Looking Back. Feel free to incorporate this theme into your stories. Otherwise our normal rules apply, with a 140 character limit for text, which can be in the title or featured on the work itself.

I’ll issue one challenge prompt per week, but feel free to work on the prompts over the next 3 weeks as you wish. I’ll post a challenge gallery next week featuring the entries so far and post a new prompt, but you’ve got the full three weeks to work on this week’s prompt.  If you’d like to submit a story, but not have it featured in the SL10B build, that’s fine too, just please leave a note with your entry so that I know not to feature it in the inworld display. Enter as many stories as you like each week, but I’ll reserve the right to limit the display depending on how many entries we receive. If I need to choose among your entries, I’ll contact you before deciding which stays and goes, so that you can have input.

So, before we get to our 40th challenge gallery, the first prompt for the SL10B challenge is, “Identity.” Make of it what you will. 


Challenge Gallery 40: Engage


by Ferd Frederix

Nature is engaged by nature, humans engage themselves by (learning) skills
“Nature is engaged by nature, humans engage themselves by (learning) skills”
by Meandroid

Care To Engage...?
“Care To Engage…?”
by Jewel~Appletor

Sometimes a book grabs you
“Sometimes a book grabs you”
by Sinjin Cooperstone

Engage - Single Frame Stories
by derry mcmahon

Single Frame Stories 'Engage'
by PixiLate

Till Death Do Us Part
“Till Death Do Us Part”
by Deoridhe Quandry

“Helm, set course for Risa, warp 9. You, cute ensign, fetch me a rum & coke. Engage!”
by Cinnamon Ghoststar

by Botgirl Questi

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