Challenge Gallery 36: Reaction

I know you all wait on the edge of your seats all week until you can finally read my pearls of wisdom that I leave here each Saturday. (The sarcasm is implied.) But I’m afraid this will be another week of brevity, as it’s been another week of Big Doin’s in my world and I haven’t time to string any wisdom pearls today.

Perhaps next week, we’ll have a guest writer. (Leave your CV in the comments to be considered.)

The prompt for next week is, “Balance.” Make of it what you will.

  The great thing about my lack of words is that our challenge gallery says plenty as is.

Challenge Gallery 36: Reaction

Territory war >> Reaction
Territory war >> Reaction
by Meandroid

Single Frame Stories: Reaction
by Peep Sideshow

Sunset Skinny Dip Gone Wrong
“Sunset Skinny Dip Gone Wrong”
by Jewell Appletor

Hidden Reaction
“Hidden Reaction”
by Southie Allen

“Get me out of this thing right now AND I MEAN IT!”
by Cinnamon Ghoststar

by Masha Runya

Single Frame Stories: Reaction
by Deoridhe Quandry

Some Feelings Require an Orchestra
“Some Feelings Require an Orchestra”
by Whiskey Monday

by Botgirl Questi

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