Challenge Gallery 32: Vanilla

I am my own worst critic.

I generally have a very clear picture in my head of what I want to create. But my photos rarely turn out exactly like I envisioned them. The limitations of my chosen medium, Second Life, ensures that I have to accept a final version of my work that’s different from my first idea. It’s difficult to let go of that first idea, and appreciate the end result. Since they are so different, I often think that the photo I’m actually able to create isn’t good enough.

I wonder if any artist can say that they’re able to create exactly what they see in their heads. Or perhaps the limitations of any medium- whether it be paint, charcoal or clay- needs to be accepted and appreciated. My mother is a painter, and she’s never really “finished” with a piece. A canvas will hang on her easel for months, and she may walk by and add a brush stroke once a week. I’ve seen her go back and move paint on a years old watercolor. I wonder if she’s forever trying to match the vision of her work in her head.

While it may not live up to the original photograph I see in my head, I hope to learn to accept that the work I’m doing is still good enough- for me. Because in the end, I’m the only critic that matters.

Before we get to our challenge gallery, the prompt for next week is, “Watch.” Make of it what you will.


Challenge Gallery 32: Vanilla

by Spiral Silverstar

Coffee & Creme
Coffee & Creme
by Michelle Hyacinth

by Skye Donardson

Single Frame Stories - Vanilla
Plain, but popular enough for me to need to keep a spare bottle on the shelf.
by Crap Mariner

Rude Vanilla
Rude Vanilla
by LeeHere Absent

Single Frame Stories 'Vanilla'
Yes I Am
by PixiLate

No Vanilla
No Vanilla
by Cinnamon Ghoststar

Mr Softie Single Frame Stories
Sorry Darling, but yes, your nickname of “Mr Softie” has proven itself…
by Shockwave Plasma

Vanilla Dreams
Vanilla Dreams
by Pancake Renoobed

Her Dating Profile Said "No Vanilla"
Her Dating Profile Said “No Vanilla”
by Billy Dollinger

Single Frame Stories - Vanilla
Hey! It’s mine!
by Mayala Loon

Lost in a Sea of Vanilla
by BridgetZ

Chocolate & Vanilla Swirl
Chocolate & Vanilla Swirl
by Michelle Hyacinth

1 Death By Vanilla 81
Death by Vanilla
by Peep Sideshow

1 Vanilla Better Than Butterscotch
Sometimes vanilla is better than butterscotch
by Peep Sideshow

The taste of summers long gone
by Serendipity Haven

Sometimes I just feel vanilla . . .
by Stone Semyorka

Vanilla on Top
Vanilla on Top
by Whiskey Monday

Vanilla in Context
Vanilla in Context
by Botgirl Questi

vanilla sex
Vanilla Sex
by Botgirl Questi

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