Challenge Gallery 26: Switch

This week we had the unique opportunity to combine a Single Frame Story with a 100 Word Story. Crap’s podcast will be posted on Sunday, and his prompt was also “switch.” I’ve included the 100 word stories for those entries who posted them, and if I’ve missed any please let me know and I’ll come back and add them.

I often have trouble adding text to my Single Frame Stories. This double challenge was a great way to force me to use both. I suppose I could challenge myself each week to write a 100 Word Story that matches my Single Frame Story, and I may try that from time to time.

Do be sure to check out the podcast tomorrow, even if you didn’t submit a story. Most of the writers record their own stories and submit them. I did, so you’ll get to hear my lovely southern accent in person if you tune in. (sarcasm is implied) (This is Whiskey, by the way, and not Botgirl typing this. Botgirl’s accent is lovely too, though. No sarcasm implied.)

Before we get to the challenge gallery, the prompt for next week is “Climb.” Make of it what you will.

Challenge Gallery 26: Switch

Single Frame Stories - Switch
“Do not even think of touching it …….”
by Mayala Loon

Bruwyn Bay
“Bruwyn Bay: If you try to turn your emotions off, you just dial them up higher.”
by Crap Mariner

by Michelle Hyacinth

by Mira Karu

Switch vrs04

“‘The woman in the photo is my maternal grandmother (may she rest in peace)” by Bridget Zuhal


by Sachiko Edelman

Switch the light on

“Switch the light on”
by Melancholia Lilliehook

Single Frame Story - Switch

“So Mr Alien, I remembered how the table works from last time, now I have the freezing cold probes to use on your orifices!”
by Shockwave Plasma

Switch vrs05 - "Proper Switch"

Proper Switch – “Picking a proper switch isn’t always easy.”
by Bridget Zuhal

“The bet was simple. If my team won, I decided on the date and what she’d wear, and if she won, she’d decide. Her team won, and I regret leaving the terms of the bet so open.
She said that we’d reverse roles tonight. She would hold the doors open, she’d pay for dinner, and she would wear the pants.
I went along with all of that, even wearing heels.
But I’m having trouble with her last request, how do I give up the one thing I’ve never shared?

I’ll cry when I hand her the keys to my Mustang.”
by Billy Dollinger

“This is the wall behind my computer, with resident lolcat. Yes, I really do need 28 power sockets and a Big Red Switch.”
By Tura Brezoianu

by Aequitas Aequitas

Single Frame Story - Switch_001
God Mode: “Let there be Light.”
by Deoridhe Quandry

“Don’t worry. If you get tired, we’ll switch and I’ll carry you.”
by Randall Ahern

Exploring the desert
“Sable’s switch”
by Stone Semyorka

“Black or white… is there ever a right choice?”
by Serendipity Haven

by Southie Allen

“I learned at a young age how to tell truths cloaked in humor. If you can make someone laugh, you can say anything out loud. Even the darkest words aren’t so heavy when they’re framed in sarcasm or jest. And if I ever went too far, said too much, opened my mouth just a little too wide and let some of the scary stuff spill out, well, I could always switch on a smile and say, “I was just joking.” No matter. It was just a joke.”
by Whiskey Monday


“Screech! The car lurched to a halt. The acorn I’d thrown with all my might hit the driver in his face. I dropped from the tree and ran home. A minute later he pounded on our door. My father answered and took the brunt of the driver’s rage. Next thing I knew, I was getting spanked for the first time in my life. It didn’t go well. I was so upset that a blood vessel burst in my eye. My father sprained his wrist. That was also the last time I was spanked. Good thing he didn’t use a switch.”
by Botgirl Questi

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5 thoughts on “Challenge Gallery 26: Switch

  1. These are all wonderful. Several of these touch me personally. Mesh, prim, or system, there is a life behind every pair of eyes. ♥

  2. thank you for the opportunity, this project has kept me afloat through a dry period. Thanks to all and thanks whiskey for the wall to hang em on. now
    I think i broke mine sorry. I changed the pic /me hangs head

    Sowa Mai (minor member of Aequitas)

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