Challenge 24 Gallery: Service

Each week we view different interpretations of a simple prompt. While there are generally some similar themes that run through the gallery, often there are some entries that see a completely unique and surprising view of the topic. This week I see the most varied takes on the given theme.

There is a inclination to compare our work to others. Especially when our works are practically side by side in the gallery, it would be difficult not to compare them. I’ve found that comparing my work to other art can make me feel discouraged. I see an amazing viewpoint or interpretation of the prompt and I wish I had thought of that.

It’s important for me (and maybe for us all) to remember that this isn’t a competition. There are no winners or losers here. If we all work to the best of our abilities to create something that shows our own viewpoint, then we’ve succeeded. As a group, our galleries here are impressive and inspiring to others. Individually, each of us brings our own style and perspective, and rather than worry about measuring up to each other, we should worry about inspiring one another.

External standards aren’t helpful to creating art. Opinions of others are just that, their opinions. When it comes to your own artwork, be satisfied when you have created the very best work that you can.

Before we get to our challenge gallery, the prompt for next week is “Anonymous.” Make of it what you will. 

Challenge 24 Gallery: Service

Blessed are the cracks, for they let the light in
“Blessed are the cracks, for they let the light in.” by Michelle Hyacinth

The Service

“The Service” by “Nedria Cyr

Tea Time

by Melancholia Lilliehook

Single Frame Stories- Push Café 'Service'

“Push Café ‘Service'” by Mira Karu

Service Station
by Dondo Dollinger, aka Billy

Single Frame Stories - Service
“Out of Service here, I guess…” by Mayala Loon

“Service” by Charlotte Caxton

Single Frame Story - Service
“Coffee, Tea or Salvation?” by Deoridhe Quandry

“Free portrait service for residents” by Stone Semyorka


“Aperitif” by Whiskey Monday

Laughing at a Funeral

“Laughing at a Funeral: True story. I’m not a churchgoer. Weddings and Funerals. This funeral had an acapella men’s quintet singing an uptempo gospel song right out of the fifties. Complete with a doo-wop bass singer. It instantly struck us both as right out of the Simpsons. Tears of laughter. Impossible to stop.”

by Botgirl Questi

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