Challenge 16 Gallery: Humility

Today is Sunday. The posting of our challenge gallery was delayed by a day because I need to go back to Kindergarten, apparently. When you don’t have a job and spend all of your days doing pretty much the same thing over and over, the days run together and get muddied. I thought yesterday was Friday. Even the holiday didn’t help. So I apologize for the delay.

I remember when each day of the week had a feeling to it. As a teacher, Friday was test day, Monday was the day to turn in big projects. Wednesday was the most bland of days, there was nothing special about it. Saturday was bliss! And Sunday was melancholy.

These days, every day of the week is much like the other.

And so I’m posting the gallery for “Humility.” This was such a difficult topic. I do hope you’ll click through to the blogs of our entries. Many of them had interesting and enlightening posts about their stories this week.

But before we get to the gallery, the prompt for next week is “Easy.” Make of it what you will.


Challenge 16 Gallery: Humility

by Ms. Robbiani

Single frame stories, week 16: Humility
“did you have to break up with me straight after having sex? happened in rl.
Sad, angry, heartbroken and humiliated
by Cherry 108

Downing Humility
“Downing Humility” by RedSiren25

Single Frame Story Week 16 Humility
“I’m a small speck of dust, in the infinity of the Universe.” by Shockwave Plasma

Single Frame Stories - Humility

“Does it really make a difference on the whole … I mean … in the END ? ……
erm … at least in the darn f…. huge number of steps to the light ………………..”
by Mayala Loon

High Fashion Humility
“High Fashion Humility” by Michelle Hyacinth

Down to Earth, by Stone Semyorka

Please let me have this job. by Randall Ahren

Single Frame Story - Humility
by Deoridhe Quandry

by Lalo Telling

by aequitas.aequitas

We Are So Fragile, and I Am So Clumsy
“We Are So Fragile, and I Am So Clumsy” by Whiskey Monday

by Botgirl Questi

Humility 2“I often misuse creativity as a defense mechanism to shield myself from intimate engagement with life.” by Botgirl Questi

Humility 3
“WARNING: You are smaller than you appear to be in the mirror of your ego.” by Botgirl Questi

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