Challenge 13 Gallery: Simple

Have you ever repeated a word over and over until it became nonsense? That’s how this week’s challenge prompt was for me. I really wanted a great image, something that encompassed the word while taking it further. I thought about it a lot; too much, in fact. It became nonsense and I was left with no feeling at all for the word.

Normally our challenge prompts work well for me. I ponder the meaning, and explore ideas about it. But other times, nothing clicks. And that’s okay too. That’s why it’s a challenge. To help your process, to make you think and to watch how others do the same. The process is sometimes more important than the outcome. Sometimes.

Before we get to our gallery, the challenge prompt for next week is a bit different this week. It’s a phrase, instead of a word. Don’t forget that you needn’t use the prompt in your image or your text- just let it inspire you to tell a story. The prompt is, “A Shot in the Dark.” Make of it what you will.


Challenge 13 Gallery: Simple

Beginner's Mind (SFS prompt:  "Simple")
“Beginner’s Mind” by Michelle Hyacinth

Single Frame Story Challenge - Simple
“Getting into podcasting was simple… getting back out is the hard part.” by Crap Mariner

Single Frame Story Week 13 Simple
“My Doctor asked if there was anything much going on in my mind.” by Shockwave Plasma

by Cherry 108

Single frame stories, week 13, Simple: the advice in life is always simple: always follow your dreams!
“the advice in life is always simple: always follow your dreams!” by Cherry 108

“Cica Ghost’s Black and White World lent itself perfectly to this week’s Single Frame Story challenge of ‘Simple’.” by Felicity Francois

A Simple Read
“A Simple Read” by RedSiren25

Simple Necessities by Nara Malone

Single Frame Stories - Simple
“Ha! … this might be simple stuff, but it’s darn f….g shite .. NOT EASY !!!” by Mayala Loon

Simple - Nutshell
“I could be bounded in a nutshell and count myself King of infinite space, were it not that I have bad dreams.” -Hamlet by Deoridhe Quandry

“A simple runabout docked at Sailor’s Cove” by Stone Semyorka

by Whiskey Monday

A Simple Word by Whiskey Monday

Simple Support Frame 1
“Simple Support” by Botgirl Questi

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