Challenge 6 Gallery: On Top

Each week of this challenge, I’m inspired by the different interpretations of the prompt. When I post the challenge prompt, I imagine the different angles that submissions might take, but I am awed each week by the creativity and vision of the artists who take part.

I never imagined this challenge would be such a hit. I figured Botgirl and I would do our schtick and have one more place to post our own works. But instead I see incredible works from artists I never knew, and friends who’ve showed levels of creativity I hadn’t seen in them before.

While we are each creating our own Single Frame Story, we are also in a sense collaborating on the theme. And this collaboration has pushed me to dig deeper and try harder to bring something on par with the other submissions. I hope the high level of thought and care that goes into these submissions continues. I believe it benefits us all.

Before we get to the submissions, the challenge prompt for next week is “depth perception.” Make of it what you will.

Challenge 6 Gallery: On Top

Venus Kissed the Moon
“Venus Kissed the Moon” by Panacea Luminos

"On Top of Old Spaghetti". . . the end {on top theme}
“”On Top of Old Spaghetti”. . . the end” by Mylinn.Resident aka Tika.Market

Single Frame Story week 6 On top
“Burns thought too small with blocking the Sun, I sucked out all the air & sold it back to them, Still not enough for a Republican nomination” by Shockwave Plasma

T Town
by Bear Silvershade

Single Frame Stories "On Top"
“You can leave your hat on.” by Linsey Carter

“I ♥♥♥ THE FALL” by koey69

Top of the world
“Top of the world” by Tura Brezoianu

On Top of Spaghetti by LeeHere Absent

"It can get lonely at the top."  Week 6 Single Frame Stories:  On Top
It Can Get Lonely at the Top by Epione Serendipity

SingleFrameStories - On Top
Everyone Deserves Some Fun by Mayala Loon

"She thought the pea would have tasted better, seeing as her meals never came."
“She thought the pea would have tasted better, seeing as her meals never came.” by Noelani Lightfoot

On Top (for the Single Frame Stories Challenge)
by Whiskey Monday

Single Frame Story for "On Top" prompt
by Botgirl Questi

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