Challenge 2 Gallery: Illumination

I apologize for all of the exclamation points in last week’s gallery post. I’ve been trying to use up some extras that fell out of a Tom Wolfe novel. They get everywhere.

This week’s challenge prompt was “Illumination.” It’s interesting to see how each submission found a different angle for the same word. While this challenge is in no way meant to be a contest, a couple of these are my favorites. Most especially yours.

It’s also inspiring to see a few submissions created outside of Second Life. I’m going to challenge myself to do the same this week.

Before we get to the submissions, the challenge prompt for next week is “Grave Mistake.” Make of it what you will.

Challenge 2 Gallery: Illumination

SINGLE FRAME STORIES #2 - Illumination

“Okay, I lit a candle… now I feel like cursing the darkness more.”  by Crap Mariner

Single frame stories 2 Illumination

by Shockwave Plasma

single frame story - illumination

“How about I light a cigarette and curse you for dragging my ass out in the darkness?” by Crap Mariner

For the Night is Dark

by Panacea Luminos

The Self Aware Prim

by Michelle Hyacinth

Single Frame Stories - Illumination

“She felt the light envelop her as she approached the altar.” by Linsey Carter



Brown sugar flecks of melanin
speckled across my face,
lights up pale skin
like sunshine
from the

by Carrie Lexington


“SOL – WaterwayWest New York” by Panacea Luminos

Single Frame Stories

by koey69


by koey69

Illuminate: Single Frame Story

by Feline Slade

Single Frame Story    Illumination

by Chestnut Rau

SingleFrameStories-Illumination #2

by Mayala Loon
drawn with a 5B-pencil , darkened/shadows with Gimp

"The sun does not shine above us, but within us."

“The sun does not shine above us, but within us.” by Tura Brezoianu

Illumination 16aug12

by Caitlin Tobias

Single Frame Story Challenge 1 - Last Words

by Deoridhe Grimsdottir Quandry


by Colleen Criss

Single Frame Story - Challenge 2 Illumination

by Deoridhe Grimsdottir Quandry

Illumination Repurposed

by Pancake Renoobed


by LeeHere Absent

Forget the Cookies

by LeeHere Absent

Inspiration and illumination.

by LeeHere Absent


by Epione Serendipity

A quote goes something like this: “There are two ways of spreading light in the world – be the candle or be the mirror that reflects it”…. I opt to be the candle.

by Kerena Zhangsun


by Kristine Kristan

Noweeta Grasslands

by Bear Silvershade

Let There Be Light, by Mayala Loon

By Kinnaird

by Pserendipity Daniels


by Alex Hayden

by Seren Haven


“I have an idea” by Whiskey Monday

A Photographer's Greatest Tool

“A Photographer’s Greatest Tool – Hint: You can’t hold it in your hand.” by Whiskey Monday

Groucho at the Rave

“Groucho at the Rave” by Botgirl Questi

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