Challenge 1 Gallery: Last Words

WOW!! HOLY COW! GOOD GRIEF!! OMGeeee! We have had such a great response to this challenge. It’s been SO exciting to watch the submissions come in day after day. YAY! You like us!! Or at least, you like our challenge. Either way.

Thank you to all who retweeted, blogged, skywrote and smoke messaged their friends and followers about this challenge. We’re looking forward to seeing more. And a big THANK YOU to all of you who submitted stories. The submissions are incredible!

And with that in mind, before you view this week’s Gallery, the challenge for next week is “Illumination.”  Make of it what you will.

Deadline is Friday night sometime, August 17th. I’ll post the new Challenge Gallery early Saturday morning, so just get it to me by then and you’re golden.

So let’s see this week’s Single Frame Stories:

single frame story - crap mariner - challenge 1

by Crap Mariner

02 Aug. 2012: Last Words - New Balls Please

by Caitlin Tobias

The End

by Michele Hyacinth

Last Words

by Kristine Kristan

Last Words

by Tura Brezoianu

Single Frame Story -  Last Words

by Chestnut Rau

Single Frame Stories - Week 1 - Last Words

by Feline Slade

Vintage Fair - Suriko Leimes

by Suriko Leimes

Last Words (Single Frame Story Challenge - Week One)

by Felicity Francois

Last Words

by Shockwave Plasma

Last Words

by Carrie Lexington

Lastwords  It's Just a Statue

by Panacea Luminos

Famous Last Words

by LeeHere Absent

Last Word Trolls

by LeeHere Absent

Stephie consults an oracle last words

by LeeHere Absent

burn out

by Shiloh Selene

Innocent Bystander

by Colleen Criss

The milkman took the week off. Back soon. XOXO

by Noelani Lightfoot

Come In.

By Mayala Loon

by Shinigami Kayo

Voluntary Commitment

Voluntary Commitment

by AlexHayden Junibalya
Single Frame Stories-Last Words
by Epione Serendipity

by Whiskey Monday

A Little Lower, Darling

A Little Lower, Darling

by Whiskey Monday

Last Words

by Botgirl Questi

Last Words 2

by Botgirl Questi

See you next week!

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